Hey, I'm Alysa.  This is me with my three little farm girls. Thanks for stopping by my shop!  

Born and raised in a city, I moved to the country 14 years ago.  Since then I've become a wife, mom and a farmer.  I've grown to love the charms that country life offers. From meals in the field during harvest, to nights at the rink in the winter- I think country life is really special. 

I decided to open this shop to celebrate life on the farm and be a positive voice for people in agriculture.  I do all my graphic design from my farm in Herschel, SK and I outsource my printing to the pros.  

Each item in my shop is printed as its ordered in Canada.  My best sellers are screen printed and my new or up and coming items are printed with direct to garment technology.  When you order from me I'm confident you'll get a high quality garment that will withstand all that country life can throw at it!