We 🖤 slow fashion and print most items as they are ordered.



Hey, I'm Alysa.  Thanks for stopping by my shop!  

Born and raised in a city, I moved to the country 17 years ago.  Since then I've become a wife, mom and a farmer.  I've grown to love the charms that country life offers. From meals in the field during harvest, to nights at the rink in the winter- I think country life is really special. 

I decided to open this shop to celebrate life on the farm and be a positive voice for people in agriculture.  I do all my graphic design from my farm near Herschel, SK and I outsource my printing to the pros.   

Each item in my shop is printed as its ordered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. When you order from me I'm confident you'll get a high quality garment that will withstand all that country life can throw at it!